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I'm a french student of 23 years .

I'm mainly interested in :

  • Ancient Greece and its litterature (Euripide , Xénophon , Epicurian and Lucian)
  • The german (Gœthe , Schiller , Mann, Holderlin) and austrian (Zweig and Musil) litterature .
  • Classical music with mainly Liszt , Ravel and Scriabine , but also Wagner , Puccini etc…

What I like on Wikipédia :

  • Intelligent discussion

What i dislike on Wikipédia

  • That majority currently override Reason

The nicer Wikipedians

Consider this your first award on English Wikipedia: the Barnstar of Peace. K. Lásztocska :) 00:44, 15 March 2007 (UTC)

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