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Alexander Gieg
Joined: December 4, 2006
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Born: (1977-03-14) March 14, 1977 (age 39)
In: São Bernardo do Campo, São Paulo, Brazil
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I'm an undergraduate Philosophy student at both the (very) liberal College of Philosophy, Literature and Human Sciences (FFLCH) of University of São Paulo and the (very) conservative Brazilian Philosopher Olavo de Carvalho (although I'm currently not taking classes with him). I'm also an electronics technician working with tech support for industrial data acquisition devices. I live in São Paulo city, capital of the São Paulo state, Brazil.


My main interest is Philosophy, mostly in the fields of Metaphysics, Ancient philosophy, Medieval philosophy, Philosophy of religion, Epistemology, Philosophy of science and basically any contemporary philosopher improving upon these under any post-but-anti-modern perspective, including those of the Traditionalist school of religious studies. I'm also deeply interested in Religion in general, and knowledgeable in the fields of Economics (mostly in the Austrian school tradition), Politics and History.

My secondary interests are varied, including among others: fantasy and science fiction books; computer games, mostly in the fighting, RPG and MMORPG genres; programming languages; and Linux in general and Ubuntu in particular. The game I was playing until recently was World of Warcraft, where I was a proud member of the famous Dawn Alliance guild in the North American "Maelstrom" server, formerly a part of the even more famous Ängels av Tända guild. I plan joining the game again in a few months, once I'm on college vacation or a cool patch or expansion comes about.



Articles I'm improving[edit]

Templates I've developed[edit]

  • Lots of user boxes: correction of categorizations, adjust to text flow, parameters cleanup etc.
  • {{Usercatb}}: Improved user category pages header template.
  • {{OL}}: OpenLibrary link for use in {{Cite book}}'s |id= parameter.
  • {{Inflation}}: Calculates inflated prices for different countries.
  • {{Inflation-fn}}: Standard reference entry for articles that use {{Inflation}}.
  • {{Formatprice}}: Reformats raw price numbers in a pleasant way.

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Free photo gallery[edit]

Photos that I've uploaded and I'm allowed to show in my talk page!!! Wow!!!

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