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Alexander Potoczak of Ohio had some serious options before him when he completed his studies at Lake Ridge Academy in North Ridgeville, Ohio in 2009. He graduated with honors in 2009, having distinguished himself with PSAT National Merit accolades and stellar SAT scores, and attending the National Leadership forum on Medicine at Georgetown University. He was also a member of the school's varsity golf and baseball teams for all four years of high school.


Alexander Potoczak of Ohio is a talented young man whose interests are many and varied. He continues to study Economics, and worked as an intern for one summer at MAI Wealth Advisors. He is also interested in oceanography and animals, and is planning on earning minors in both biology and religious studies.

Interest In Biology[edit]

It was Alexander Potoczak of Ohio's interest in biology that led him to an internship at Case Western University, where he worked in the research division under the supervision of several doctors. Putting biology theory into practice by using the lab to explore his curiosity was greatly beneficial to him. In terms of learning, applying what he knows from the classroom in a laboratory setting will stay with him a lot longer than will the act of reading.