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The Natural Environment Club for Kids(NECK) is an environmental protection group for kids based out of the Northern Neck of Virginia[1]. It was founded in 2008[2] by Alexander and Elizabeth with their friends and encourages recycling and other environmentally friendly activities[1]. NECK occasionally performs presentations in public locations to raise public awareness and teach people about animals, plants, and the environment in general[1].


The first NECK presentation ever was on bees, was located at the Montross, Virginia library and was performed by Alexander and Elizabeth Martin[1]. NECK has also performed several fundraisers, so far they have been mostly fruit and vegetable sales located at The Art of Coffee in Montross[1].

Known members[edit]

  • Alexander M.(First Lieutenant)
  • Elizabeth M.(Leader)
  • Alyssa P.

Possible members[edit]

  • William W.


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