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Wiki: I am mostly active in the Russian wiki. I usually create or edit articles in biology and history of science.

Education: St. Petersburg State University (Biology / Entomology, M.Sc. awarded 1992), Institute for the History of Science and Technology, St. Petersburg (History of biology, Kandidat Nauk (Ph.D. equivalent) awarded 2005).

Research interests: History of science, History of education, Science and technology studies, Sociology of scientific knowledge

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Cuticle, Epithelium, Exoskeleton, Hypoderm restore balance towards invertebrates.

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Created primers:[edit]

Original texts and translations from other Wikipedia domains.


Otto Brunfels, Johann Christian Buxbaum, Augustus Quirinus Rivinus (August Bachmann), Hieronymus Tragus (Jerome Bock)



Template:Pre-Linnaean botanist

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Major revisions / additions indicated with bold.

History of biology

Family (biology), Order (biology), Paraphyly, Scientific classification, History of plant systematics

Ecdysozoa, Bilateria


Michel Adanson, Bachmann, Hieronymus Bock, Pierre Magnol, John Ray, Joseph Pitton de Tournefort

University of Helmstedt, University of Leipzig

List of botanists


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