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To start off I would like to state that I am Alexj420 (my actual name and location is disclosed to the public for obvious reasons), I am 16 years old, a male, and live in the USA. I love Wikipedia for lettting me explore the array of studies and subjects worldwide. I sometimes spend hours on Wikipedia learning about the field of medicine and health. I love being able to increase my knowledge in English grammar and literature. As well as other subjects, including World History, American History, economics, civics, and mathematics (although, I normally do not study geometer or algebra on Wikipedia), biology, and many other subjects. I just find it extremely intriguing to learn something new everyday, whether it will help me later in life or not, I just don't know why, but it seems that I was born naturally curious about all the profound learnings and studies of mankind, time, and the universe. All in all, I love learning, I suppose that's why people often refer to me as a 'smart kid'. However I always tell people in return,"I'm not really all that smart, the only reason I do so well in school, life, and other worldly matters that involve knowledge is because I use my full potential in school to reach my goals. My ambition and goals give me the incentive to work as hard as I can until I reach the achievements I had set." However, still believe that I am naturally talented sometimes, in which I will admit that I have a good memory, but I can't just look at something and have no clue what it's about and suddenly just correctly answer it. I am no genius, I don't understand everything, but I am willing to and because of that, perhaps someday I will be.
To let you know a little about my personal I will give you this, I am a Christian, yet even though God may guide me down the path he entrusted to me, I will not follow anybody's ways unless I completely agree with their perspective on the ways the act. As you probably already know I get straight A's or at least close to them. I have an enormous family on my mother's side. We all connect individually with each other and show nothing but love and compassion for each other. We are always willing to help one another through difficulties and hardships that life bounds us to. On my father's side, we have a smaller family, yet we all get along and love one another, even though I don't interact with my father's side of the family quite as much as I do with my mother's side, I am still deeply attached to my father's side of the family. As for my immediate family, it consists of my mother, my father, my brother, my step-brother, my step-sister, my step-dad, my grandma, and recently my dad's girlfriend. All in all I deeply and whole-heartedly love and adore each and every one of them.
Lastly, about my mother, father, brother, and grandma. To start my grandma has just turned 80 years old this year, she is retired and mainly cooks, works around the house, travels, and loves each and every family member and friend of hers. She is of Tennessee descent. My mother works as a sales person for a company, she is mainly provides everything for me and my brother, and devotes her life to taking care of us. My father is always such a role model of mine, he often tells me that he loves me and my brother with his entire heart, he works as a histologist, and he is the reason I am interested in going to college to become a pathologist (which I forgot to mention before). My brother is probably the closest person to me, and even though he may be a complete nuisance sometimes, he will alwatys love me and I will always love him no matter what. He is bright, yet he lacks the motivation to work towards any goals for his future, lately I have been helping him with this struggle. Oh, and before I forget, I should just include my best friend whom I love dearly, he is probably the most relatable person to me and we get along magnificently, and I share every detail of my life with him and vice versa.
That pretty much concludes a basic idea of my life right now, in the future I plan on adding to this until it is almost a biography of my life, but for now I must say goodbye. Tootles!