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Born (1991-07-13) July 13, 1991 (age 25)
Country  Romania
Time zone EET
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Hobbies Football, TV Series, Movies
Religion Christian
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I am Alexynho, and I will focus on Vaslui players.

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Favourite players[edit]

No Player Club
1 Romania Lucian Sânmărtean Romania Vaslui
2 England Steven Gerrard England Liverpool
3 Romania Sorin Frunză Romania Oţelul Galaţi


No TV Show Genre Years active
1 24 Serial drama 2001–2014
2 Supernatural Supernatural drama 2005–0000
3 Spartacus: Blood and Sand Historical drama 2010–2013
4 House Medical drama 2004–2012
5 Friends Sitcom 1994–2004
6 Breaking Bad Crime drama 2008–2013
7 Dexter Crime drama 2006–2013
8 Arrested Development Sitcom 2003–2013
9 Californication Comedy-drama 2007–2014
10 How I Met Your Mother Sitcom 2005–2014
No Film Genre Year
1 Training Day Crime Thriller Drama 2001
2 Memento Psychological Thriller 2000
3 Buried Thriller 2010
4 The Fighter Biographical Drama 2010
5 Primal Fear Crime Drama Thriller 1996
6 Fight Club Thriller 1998
7 Seven Psychological Thriller 1995
8 12 Angry Men Drama 1957
9 Harsh Times Crime Drama 2005
10 American History X Drama 1998