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Alf Meier

Karpathos Island/Greece Photographer


I got here because a friend told me that I was mentioned in these pages, I'm flattered. Looking around it seemed that you guys could need some help... so as time permits I'll try to help out a little.

In case you have heard something and wonder if it is true:
Yes, I started my journalism career writing art reviews for La Voz De Aviles (Aviles, Spain).
Yes, I used to duck when something flew over the trenches instead of putting my camera out.
Yes, I really wanted to be a special education teacher but wound up, after spending time in college, as photographer, photo reporter and occasional writer.
Yes, I had to leave the paper one day over the fire exit because a sculptor and body-builder was dissatisfied with my review. After being on a rampage for 20 minutes it took three cops to calm him down.
Yes, I used to do fashion photography.
Yes, I earn most of my money taking pictures for advertising.
Yes, I used to race enduro bikes.
Whatever else you hear might, or may not, be true and it will be neither confirmed nor denied. You can find more by clicking here
or here or here
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