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Volkswagen IROC Concept car - Paris International Auto Salon 2006

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My name is Alfredo, and I live in Mexico City, Mexico

I arrived to Wikipedia searching informations about topics I don't know very well. Then, I realized I could contribute by sharing the knowledge I have acquired during the 41 years of age I am, and I decided to put some of them here.

I fell in love with motor world at the age of 9, due to knowing some cars such as the Volkswagen 1200/1303/1600 and all its variants, and the Volkswagen Golf/Rabbit (known in Mexico as the Caribe) because I had a car catalogue from the french magazine L'Auto-Journal. Some years after, I worked during 10 years selling new cars at new car dearlers (mainly Volkswagen). At this time I was also assisting the Commercial Manager, and also I tought product knowledge from Volkswagen and its competition in the Mexican market.

To date I have colaborated in some articles about cars in Mexico in spanish and english. I am looking forward to colaborate also in certain LGBT topics.

If you have any comments, please let me them know at Feedback, where I will pleased to answer.


-- Alfacevedoa VW Beetle template.gif (My Talk) 00:00 01 sep 2012 (UTC)

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