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I'm a graduate student studying Linguistics, especially Philology, in the Washington, D.C. area, working towards my Ph.D., and am originally from Québec City. In a general sense, I'm focusing on the use of modern technology to analyze historical documents. My undergraduate degree is from M.I.T.
A good graphical representation of my life is available here.

Other Versions of Me[edit]

⁂ I am also registered at the English WikiQuote, French Wikipedia, and Metawiki.

Babel, Babel[edit]

⁂ I definitely speak way more languages than listed, but that box is long enough as is.


Some Contributions[edit]

⁂ Added a few paragraphs to Cthulhu Mythos
⁂ Created the Horror Stub template, and with it the horror stubs category.
⁂ Modified and clarified sub-categories to the U.S. Constitution category.


WikiProject Linguistics

My Definition of Wikipedia[edit]

A procrastination device, especially useful because unlike games, it can be hidden from your screen in a second when your advisor walks by. Along with webcomics and free MMORPGs such as RetroMUD and The Kingdom of Loathing, it can also serve as a useful distraction while your data compiles or your experiment runs.

Late-Night Fun[edit]

Q: It's Saturday. It's 12AM. Do you know where your grad student is?

A: Of course I do. She's in the lab, either compiling data, running an experiment, or doing her advisor's work for him.

Want to read my thesis?[edit]

⁂ So does my advisor

Programming Languages[edit]

So what, you ask, programming languages does she know? Here, my friends, is your long-sought answer:

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