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Freddy Mercury Statue Montreux.jpg Freddie Mercury takes this user's breath away.
Dispersion prism.jpg This user knows that there is no dark side of the moon really— matter of fact it's all dark.
es Este usuario tiene el español como lengua materna.
Flag of Cuba.svg This user comes from Cuba.
Gnome-dev-camera.svg This user enjoys photography.
Masterkeyboard.jpg This user enjoys electronic music.


  • Good knowledge of common English and Spanish languages.
  • Text formatter.
  • English-Spanish translator, both directions.
  • Image editing.
  • Photography.
  • Faultfinder (a die-hard one).
  • Text composition.
  • Teaching.

Fields of interest within Computer Science[edit]

General topics of interest[edit]

Articles started[edit]

Projected work[edit]

  • Really big contribution to Jaruco.

C# This user can program in C#.
C++ This user can program in C++.
pas This user can program in Pascal.
asm This user can program in assembly language.
This user is a translator and proofreader from Spanish to English on Wikipedia:Translation.
Psi2.svg This user is interested in psychology.
SIA Boeing 777-300 landing This user is interested in aviation.
2×2=4 This user is a beginner mathematician.
Trigonometricfunctions ubx.svg This user likes trigonometry.

ax2+bx+c=0 This user likes algebra.
Quill and ink.svg This user enjoys writing.
Berzerk-mosht.jpg This user enjoys heavy metal music.
Music-Gclef.png This user enjoys Classical music.