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Anna M.
Born United States USA
Occupation Student, Researcher
Spouse(s) None

Hi! I'm new to Wiki. I'm learning a lot about Wiki, American Sign Language(ASL), American Deaf Culture, American Culture, Women in America, Black America and various other micro/minority cultures. Also, I am learning about Communication Sciences & Disorders with an emphasis on Linguistics, neurological disorders and phonetics of both Visual and Aural languages. :) I'm about to graduate with my BA in Interdisiplinary Social Sciences with concentrations in Communication Sciences & Disorders and Interpreting - ASL to English / English to ASL. (wow, that's a lot! I never realized it till now....) When I grow up, I want to publish original research that will help further the fields of interpretation of both Visual and Aural languages.

I live in the U. S., and right now, in Washington, DC. I travel a lot, and I've traveled to Europe in the past. I have also been a long time resident of Florida - Ocala, Tampa, Lake Wales, Pensacola, Jacksonville.

I have found that Wiki does not have a page on the Fingo Card Game. I would like to add it. It seems to be very popular in the some parts of the Deaf community. :) Fingo is a unique game, and it's a lot of fun.

I need to become un-lost in the style guide! :P It is huge! I also need to figure out boxes more.... :P
Any help would be greatly appreciated! :)

Have fun! :D

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