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If you've landed here, I assume you came because you are thinking about editing my userpage. I have decided to allow others to edit the page, in hopes that they'll improve it for me. Please keep the following guidelines in mind. Enjoy.


Basic guidelines[edit]

I reserve the right to remove anything I really don't like, as well as anything inflammatory, etc.

Keep in mind that for the most part this is a working-page that I use to keep track of things I'm dealing with.

Please provide a useful edit summary when saving your change.

Please don't blank, merge, do massive adds or deletes.

Changes that improve look/feel/navigation in any section are welcome. If I don't like them I can always revert.

Note that the page is semi-protected, so if you're a newbie you won't be able to edit it. Sorry, but with the vandalism work I do it's just too tempting for others.


Please don't add userboxes, I already have enough. If you feel REALLY strongly about it, still don't do it. If you feel REALLY REALLY strongly about it, maybe you can add it, but I can almost guarantee you I'll remove it.

For the record[edit]

Feel free to add your own items/rants to the "For the record" section. Note that I don't necessarily have to agree with what you put here, but I will remove things that are patently offensive, lunatic, etc.

  • Add new items at the bottom.
  • Keep it short, if it's too long I'll ask you to shorten or trim it myself.
  • Sign your contribution

From time to time I may cleanup, remove, trim, etc. to keep it from going out of control.

Interesting wiki links[edit]

Please add interesting wiki links, sections, categories, etc. Please explain why in the edit summary. I reserve the right to remove ones that are in the way, don't interest me, etc, but I don't anticipate that this will be a problem.

If you're going to remove something from this section, make sure you have a decent edit summary explaining why. Remember that the links I added are probably something I use.

Areas of interest[edit]

This is areas I concentrate on normally. I also do some vandalism patrol, admin work, and for fun and diversion I spin through the Special:Random poking at things. You may add articles you think are important or that I'd find interesting to the existing categories.

You may also add categories, but recognize that if it's a topic I'm not interested in I'll probably remove it. No offense in either direction.

Pages I've started[edit]

I don't see how you can do much here other than format or organize, but if you've got an idea, have at it. I'm considering removing this section in the near future anyway.

Other sections[edit]

Currently these are the sections I have and use. If you have a good idea give it a whirl. If I don't like it, I can always undo.