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WikiProject Firearms reliable source recommendations and advice on compliance with Wikipedia Policies and Guidelines

Please note that the WikiProject Firearms guidelines below are not an official Wikipedia Guideline at present, nor among the deletion-actionable notability criteria enumerated at Wikipedia:Deletion policy. It therefore should not be relied upon in the article deletion process, which is subject to the WP Policies and Guidelines, not WikiProject recommendations.

This WikiProject guideline depends upon and is not intended to conflict in any way with Wikipedia:Identifying reliable sources criteria for reliability. Rather, it guides article creators/editors on the application of Wikipedia Policies and Guidelines, including Wikipedia:Verifability, as they apply to the firearms articlespace and categoryspace. In particular, the intent of this guideline is to help editors avoid using sources that that are likely to be removed for failure to meet notability guidelines. It is entirely possible that a subject that does not appear to qualify as reliable under the terms in this document is in fact reliable under the WP:RS.

The purpose of this page is to provide a list of links that can be used to research Category:Firearms and Category:Ammunition information. Part of the aim is to enable more reliable accurate firearm and cartridge information by providing connections to websites which have reliable firearms information.


With books you need to look to the publisher. If it's self-published, it usually fails WP:RS. If it's from a mainstream or well-known firearms publisher, you're generally in good territory. Watch out for off-topic books that mention firearms - for example don't use a fictional or humorous work to detail specifications for the Colt 1911. Some broad helpful books in specific are mentioned below.

Notable cartridge books[edit]

  • Barnes, Frank C. (2006) [1965]. Skinner, Stan, ed. Cartridges of the World (11th Edition ed.). Iola, WI, USA: Gun Digest Books. ISBN 0-89689-297-2.  good info about a huge number of cartridges - any particular edition will do.
  • Ackley, P.O. (1927) [1962]. Handbook for Shooters & Reloaders. vol I (12th Printing ed.). Salt Lake City, Utah: Plaza Publishing. p. 567. ISBN 978-9992948811.  Interesting stuff about lots of mainstream and wildcat cartridges. BEWARE the load and performance data is known to be flaky.
  • Ackley, P.O. (1979) [1966]. Handbook for Shooters & Reloaders. vol II (8th Printing ed.). Salt Lake City, Utah: Plaza Publishing. ASIN B000BGII48.  nteresting stuff about lots of mainstream and wildcat cartridges. BEWARE the load and performance data is known to be flaky.
  • Donnelly, John J. (1987). The Handloader's Manual of Cartridge Conversions. Stoeger Publishing. p. 1055. ISBN 978-0883172698.  Very accurate cartridge dimensions
  • Howell, Ken (1995). Designing and Forming Custom Cartridges. Precision Shooting. p. 596. ISBN 0-9643623-0-9.  Very accurate cartridge dimensions

Notable firearms books[edit]

  • Hogg, Ian; Gander, Terry (2005). Jane's Guns Recognition Guide (4th edition ed.). New York, NY: HarperColllins Publishers. ISBN 0-00-718328-3.  Cite uses deprecated parameter |coauthors= (help)
  • Shooter's Bible No. 90 1999 Edition; Stoeger Publishing Company, 1998, ISBN 0-88317-205-4
  • North, Anthony; Ian V. Hogg (2004). Book of Guns and Gunsmiths. London: Quantum Publishing, Ltd. ISBN 0-681-02989-7.  Cite uses deprecated parameter |coauthors= (help)
  • Wood, J.B., Firearms Assembly / Disassembly Part I: Automatic Pistols Revised Edition, DBI Books, 1990, ISBN 0-87349-102-5
  • Wood, J.B., Firearms Assembly / Disassembly Part II: Revolvers Revised Edition, DBI Books, 1990, ISBN 0-87349-103-3
  • Wood, J.B., Firearms Assembly / Disassembly Part III: Rimfire Rifles Revised Edition, DBI Books, 1994, ISBN 0-87349-152-1
  • Wood, J.B., Firearms Assembly / Disassembly Part IV: Centerfire Rifles Revised Edition, DBI Books, 1991, ISBN 0-87349-123-8
  • Wood, J.B., Firearms Assembly / Disassembly Part V: Shotguns Revised Edition, DBI Books, 1992, ISBN 0-87349-124-6

Magazines, etc.[edit]

Nationally published magazines are generally presumed to be reliable. Do pay attention to columnists pieces versus regular articles, as there is a difference, especially when looking for technical information. Some examples are:

Web sites[edit]

Web sites related to firearms come in a wide variety. There are many shooting, hunting and reloading sites that have an abundance of user-edited information related to firearms, cartridges, and firearm topics. Unfortunately, many of the sites fail basic wiki guidelines and policies, such as WP:RS and WP:V. This is an attempt to pre-list the most common ones to save people grief later on because of disuptes over reliablity, notability, verifiability, and deletion.

This list in no way overrides policy at WP:RS and questions can be directed at the firearms project talk page or the reliability noticeboard. This is just helpful hints and pre-assessment that hopefully will make editors lives easier.


There are some websites that are inherently reliable (as long as you're not talking about their forums). Some may be considered a primary source for issues like notability, but are accurate and verifiable for technical specifications. This generally includes major publication sites, major manufacturers, etc. IE you can use a major manufacturer for specs (10" long and green) but not for claims (fastest, best-smelling).

  • "".  good for info about cartridge performance and specs about their rifles.
  • "Accurate Powder". Western Powders Inc.  good for info about handloading, but that normally shouldn't be used in performance specs. Cartridge specs are excellent. Opinion and history of various cartridges.
  • "". Precision Shooting Magazine.  looks like reasonable articles from an online magazine.

Caution required[edit]

There are sites that are useful for certain things, but not for others. Many of the serious web commentators / web-based publications end up in this category either because they have user-contributed facts, or an unknown fact-checking and publishing process, or they are opinion pieces. Here are some well-known examples.

  • "".  Generally a reasonable site, but if I had a choice, I'd get cartridge measurements, load performance, etc from somewhere more verifiable. Be aware that many of his statements about effectiveness and comparison of various firearms is opinion. There are definitely places to use this site and places to not use it.
  • "Cartridge Diagrams at".  Neat articles, but not sure about cartridge dimensions.
  • "The Gun Zone".  needs to be looked at - claims to be reliable but doesn't seem to meet WP:RS

Not reliable (forums, blogs, etc)[edit]

Some sites are interesting, fun, and full of information, but that information is partially or full user contributed such as forums. People say all kinds of neat stuff, but it's not reliable per wikipedia guidelines. Some common examples are:

Adding new links[edit]

Please add new firearms sites after either having discussed it at the firearms project at the RS noticeboard, unless it's a very clear-cut case. If you have questions, feel free to ask on the talk page.

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