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Hi! I'm Cobi. I've been editing Wikipedia for years. However I only starting doing so as a logged-in user after I became aware of the Wikipedia gender gap. I learnt of this through my involvement with the Ada Initiative's first Adacamp. It made me wonder if women were more present among Wikipedia editors than statistics suggested, if other women were editing anonymously without logging in as I had been.

I've worked with indigenous peoples in Asia through to increase their capacity and representation in media, including Wikipedia. I've lived in Vanuatu where I facilitated workshops to develop Bislama Wikipedia. I focused on sustainable development topics in the Pacific, such as composting.

I've been a United Nations consultant in Geneva, specifically with UNITAR-UNOSAT, based inside CERN, on an open source crowdsourcing project called

I've worked in research and education including at the University of Adelaide, University of Cambridge and University of Melbourne.

I still edit anonymously sometimes, particularly if I'm helping someone else to contribute for whom English is a second (or fifth) language, or for the reasons highlighted in the gender gap project.

I've lived in several countries and have edited from a range of IP addresses on many topics, few of which I remember.

To give a sense of what I do here, my contributions include:

I recognise that as a native English speaker I am privileged. I am a trained editor and have worked in dead tree book and newspaper publishing internationally. Now I support digital, open publishing, for accessibility and transparency.

I appreciate irony, such as this: This is a screenshot of the page I was taken to when I followed a link inviting people to complete a survey for strategic planning regarding the Women Make the News initiative from the link: found this sufficiently ironic to be worthy of addition to Wikimedia Commons.