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Allen Holt
Pluggin' away
— Wikipedian  —
Allen Holt
Allen Holt
Name Allen Holt
Born February 10, 1971
Birmingham, Alabama
Current location Arlington, Massachusetts
Family and friends
Marital status Married
Children Two
Education and employment
Occupation Software Engineer
High school Pine Forest High School, Pensacola, Florida
University University of West Florida
Hobbies, favourites and beliefs
Religion No thanks.
Politics Pinko liberal

Writing, comic books, television, movies, football, web development, photography

Contact info
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Allen Holt (b. 1971) is a writer and software engineer currently living in Massachusetts. He's just been dipping his toes into editing the Wikipedia to this point, but he's starting to feel the tinglings of the Wikiaddicition coursing through his bloodstream. More by and about Allen Holt can be found at his blog,

My Contributions Thus Far[edit]

Articles Bearing A Bit of the Allen Holt Flava[edit]

Things To Do[edit]

  • Address the NFL Free Agency issue, currently a sub-category of Free agent; it's a complicated situation deserving of its own article. There exists an article at Free agency but it's woefully incomplete.


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