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The following are currently, formerly, and forthcoming programs that are broadcast by the Australian Nine Network, GO!, GEM and their regional affiliates, including WIN Television, NBN Television and Imparja. Please note some affiliate stations have alternate schedules and may air programs at different times.

Original programming[edit]

News and current affairs[edit]

News and current affairs programs
Title Years Notes
60 Minutes 1979–present Local version of 60 Minutes.
A Current Affair 1971–78, 1988–present
Business Sunday 1986–2006 Merged into sister program Sunday in 2006.
Financial Review Sunday 2013–present
Nightline 1992–2008, 2009–10 Produced by Nine News.
Nine News 1956–present Localised news bulletins for Sydney (TCN-9), Melbourne (GTV-9), Brisbane (QTQ9), Adelaide (NWS9), Perth (STW9), Gold Coast (QTQ-9) and Darwin (NTD-8). Formerly known as National Nine News until 2008.
Nine Early Morning News early 1990s–2003, 2005, ?–present Formerly known as Daybreak and National Nine Early News.
Nine Morning News Hour 1981–present Formerly known as National Nine Morning News (1981–2004), National Nine News: Morning Edition (2004-2008) and Nine News: AM Edition (2008-2009).
Nine Sunday Morning News 2008–09
Nine News Now 2013–present
Nine Afternoon News 2004–present Originally known as National Nine News: Afternoon Edition; replaced briefly in 2009 by This Afternoon.[1]
Nine News: First at Five 2011–present
Nine News at 7 2013 Broadcast on GEM.
Nine Late News 2009 Rebranded as Nightline.[2]
Sunday 1981–2008
This Afternoon 2009 Axed after 12 editions.[3]
Today 1982–present
Today on Saturday 1992–2002 Saturday edition of Today.
Weekend Today 2009–present Weekend edition of Today.


Drama programs
Title Years Notes
A Christmas Carol 1982 Telemovie
A Good Thing Going 1978 Telemovie
Alice, TheThe Alice 2005
All the Way 1988
Beaconsfield 2012 Telemovie
Blood Brothers 2011 Telemovie
Canal Road 2008
Chances 1991–92
Cop Shop 1977–84
Cops L.A.C. 2010
Division 4 1969–75
Emergency 1959
Fat Tony & Co. 2014 Spin-off from Underbelly (2008)
Feds, TheThe Feds 1993–96 Series of telemovies
Flying Doctors, TheThe Flying Doctors 1986–91
Good Guys Bad Guys 1997–98
Great Mint Swindle, TheThe Great Mint Swindle 2012 Telemovie
Halifax f.p. 1994–2002
House Husbands 2012–present
Law of the Land 1993–99
Link, TheThe Link 1970
Little Oberon 2005 Telemovie
Love Child 2014–present
Man from Snowy River, TheThe Man from Snowy River 1993–96
McLeod's Daughters 2001–09
Murder Call 1997–2000
Oliver Twist 1982 Telemovie
Pacific Drive 1996–97
Rescue Special Ops 2009–11
Scorched 2008 Telemovie
Stingers 1998–2004
Sea Patrol 2007–11
Strip, TheThe Strip 2008
Tricky Business 2012
Twisted Tales 1996 Succeeded by Two Twisted (2006).
Two Twisted 2006 Preceded by Twisted Tales (1996).
Underbelly 2008–present Consists of Underbelly (2008), Underbelly: A Tale of Two Cities (2009), Underbelly: The Golden Mile (2010), Underbelly Files telemovies (2011), Underbelly: Razor (2011), Underbelly: Badness (2012) and Underbelly: Squizzy (2013).
Water Rats 1996–2001
Wicked Love: The Maria Korp Story 2010 Telemovie
Young Lions 2002


Comedy programs
Title Years Notes
Ben Elton Live From Planet Earth 2011 Axed after three episodes.[4]
Commercial Breakdown 2007–09 Local version of Commercial Breakdown.
Graham Kennedy Show, TheThe Graham Kennedy Show 1972–1975
Hamish & Andy's Gap Year 2011–present Consists of Hamish & Andy's Gap Year (2011), Hamish & Andy's Euro Gap Year (2012), Hamish & Andy's Gap Year Asia (2013) and Hamish and Andy's Gap Year South America (2014).
Joy of Sets, TheThe Joy of Sets 2011
Just for Laughs 2007
Magda's Funny Bits 2006
Monster House 2008
Nation, TheThe Nation 2007
Surprise Surprise 2000–01 Succeeded by Surprise Surprise Gotcha (2007).
Surprise Surprise Gotcha 2007 Preceded by Surprise Surprise (2000–2001).

Game shows[edit]

Game shows
Title Years Notes
1 vs. 100 2007 Local version of 1 vs. 100.
Bert's Family Feud 2006–07 Preceded by Family Feud (1977–84).
Burgo's Catch Phrase 1997–2001, 2002–03 Local version of Catchphrase; originally titled Catch Phrase until 1999.
Clever 2006 Axed after five episodes.
Cluedo 1992–93 Local version of Cluedo.
Family Feud 1977–84 Local version of Family Feud; succeeded by Bert's Family Feud (2006–07).
Hole in the Wall 2008 Local adaptation of "Brain Wall".
Hot Seat 2009–present Spin-off from Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?.
Million Dollar Drop, TheThe Million Dollar Drop 2011 Local version of The Million Pound Drop Live; axed after six episodes.
Million Dollar Wheel of Fortune 2008 Local version of Wheel of Fortune; axed after five weeks.
Mint, TheThe Mint 2007–08 Local version of The Mint.
Power of 10 2008 Local version of Power of 10; axed after two episodes.
Price Is Right, TheThe Price Is Right 1958 Local version of The Price Is Right; aired only in Melbourne (GTV); succeeded by The Price Is Right (1993–98, 2003–05).
Price Is Right, TheThe Price Is Right 1993–98, 2003–05 Local version of The Price Is Right; preceded by The Price Is Right (1958).
Quizmania 2006–07 Local version of Quizmania.
Sale of the Century 1980–2001 Local version of Sale of the Century; succeeded by Temptation (2005–09).
Shafted 2002 Local version of Shafted.
Singing Bee, TheThe Singing Bee 2007–10 Local version of The Singing Bee; celebrity version aired from 2008 to 2010.
Temptation 2005–09 Preceded by Sale of the Century.
Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? 1999–2007, 2010 (Whizz Kids specials) Local version of Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?; succeeded by Hot Seat (2009–present).
Wipeout Australia 2009 Local version of Wipeout.


Variety programs
Title Years Notes
20 to 1 2005–11
50 Years 50 Shows 2005, 2006 Television special
50 Years 50 Stars 2006 Television special
50 Years of Television News 2006 Television special
ABBAmania 2006 Television special
Adelaide Tonight 1959-73 Aired only in Adelaide (NWS)
ARIA Music Awards 2009, 2011 Awards coverage; broadcast on Go! in 2011.
Australia's Funniest Home Videos 1990–present
Australia's Naughtiest Home Videos 1992, 2008 Television special; spin-off from Australia's Funniest Home Videos (1990–present); originally axed during the program's original airing in 1992, a repackaged special aired in 2008.
Big Questions 2006 Axed after three episodes.
Don Lane Show, TheThe Don Lane Show 1975–83
Great Weight Debate, TheThe Great Weight Debate 2006 Television special
Hey Hey It's Saturday 1971–99, 2010 Includes television specials The Best and Worst of Red Faces (1992, 1993, 1994, 1995, 2006), Gonged But Not Forgotten: Australia's Best and Worst of Red Faces (1998–2000, 2007–2008) and Hey Hey It's Saturday: The Reunion (2009).
In Melbourne Tonight 1957–70; 1996–98 Aired only in Melbourne (GTV).
In Brisbane Tonight 1959-1960s Aired only in Brisbane (QTQ).
Kerri-Anne 2002–11 Originally known as Mornings with Kerri-Anne until 2010.
Micallef Tonight 2003
Mornings 2012–present
Midday 1985–98 Also known as Midday with Kerri-Anne (1996–1998).
MTV 1987–93
Music Jungle, TheThe Music Jungle 2007–09
Ralph TV 2007
So Fresh TV 2002–06
Tonight Show, TheThe Tonight Show 1957–70
TV's Best of the Best 2009 Television special.[5]
Warnie 2010–11


Reality programs
Title Years Notes
Apprentice Australia, TheThe Apprentice Australia 2009 Local version of The Apprentice.
Aussie Ladette to Lady 2009 Local version of Ladette to Lady.
Australia's Perfect Couple 2009
Big Brother Australia 2012–present Local version of Big Brother.
Celebrity Apprentice Australia, TheThe Celebrity Apprentice Australia 2011–13 Spin-off from The Apprentice Australia (2009).
Block, TheThe Block 2003–04, 2010–present
Boss Is Coming to Dinner, TheThe Boss Is Coming to Dinner 2010 Local version of The Boss Is Coming to Dinner; axed after two episodes.
Celebrity Overhaul 2004–05
Chopping Block, TheThe Chopping Block 2008
Excess Baggage 2012 Broadcast on Go! from episode seven onwards.
Farmer Wants a Wife, TheThe Farmer Wants a Wife 2007–2012 Local version of Farmer Wants a Wife.
Great Australian Bake Off, TheThe Great Australian Bake Off 2013 Local version of The Great British Bake Off.
homeMADE 2009
My Kid's a Star 2008 Local version of I Know My Kid's a Star.
Secret Millionaire Australia, TheThe Secret Millionaire Australia 2009–10 Local version of The Secret Millionaire.
Top Design Australia 2011 Local version of Top Design.
Torvill and Dean's Dancing on Ice 2006 Local version of Dancing on Ice.
Voice, TheThe Voice 2012–present Local version of The Voice.
Voice Kids, TheThe Voice Kids 2014–present Spin-off from The Voice (2012–present).
When Love Comes to Town 2014–present Local version of Babes on the Bus.


Factual and documentaries[edit]




Sports broadcasts[edit]


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