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Allison Stillwell


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I'm a registered nurse who specializes in oncology drug development working on phase 1 clinical trials at Sarah Cannon Research Institute in Nashville, Tennessee. Before going into nursing school, I studied history and East Asian studies with foci in the Japanese language and North Korean history at Bennington College and Wittenberg University. My nursing school was Aquinas College.

I live in East Nashville, Tennessee with my husband and our dogs: a Golden Retriever, Llewellin Setter and Corgi. Our Golden Retriever, Bellamy, is a therapy dog. In my spare time, I enjoy taking photographs of people and animals -- nonliving things are very uninteresting to me! My photographs can be found on my Flickr:

Most articles that I edit have to do with Ghana, nursing or domestic animals. I've started two articles, Cytauxzoonosis and Carte Jaune, and have majorly edited others such as Bedsores.


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