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Almost Equal
File:Almost Equal Cover photo.jpg
From Left to Right: Dunn, Ziolkowski, Horne, Bettison, Newton.
Background information
Origin Newcastle upon Tyne, England
Genres Alternative rock, Electronica
Years active 2011–present
Members Craig Bettison, Steven Ziolkowski, Stephen Dunn, Rowan Horne, Chris Newton

Early years and the formation of the band[edit]

Almost Equal are a British rock band formed in 2012 by lead vocalist Craig Bettison and lead guitarist Steven Ziolkowski at Ponteland High School. After they formed under the name Insert Name Here, Stephen Dunn joined the group as a bassist, Joanna Steel as backing vocals, Rory Hay on guitar and Jamie Guthrie on drums. Manager Paul Lidderment is often considered an unofficial member.

Originally the band started as a Rock Club at Ponteland High School when most of the band were in Year 10. Their First performance, at a 'Talent Open Day' in the school, they had the name Trivial Violence. The Second they took the name of 'Insert Name Here' which would be the last gig and performance of Drummer Jamie Guthrie as he decided to enlist in the army later that year. After a rearrangement of Stephen Dunn on the Drums, the additional member Chris Newton (Keyboard) and Rowan Horne (bass) and the departure of Guitarist Rory Hay, the band seeked a new kind of direction as Alternative rock rather than Metalcore, however their styles were very much open to anything.

The band renamed themselves "Almost Equal" in 2013. This was due to most of the band going there separate ways; Rory, Joanna had left and Dunn took on the role as Drummer with Rowan Horne becoming the new bassist.

They are currently working on their first EP in time for next year. It is expected that it will be free to download.

The Name[edit]

The name of the band comes from the keyboard player, Chris, who is not at the same age as the rest of the band. Thus making them almost equal to each other and intern "Almost Equal".

Band Members[edit]


In Time EP[edit]

In Time[edit]

Almost Equal's first song. In Time has been put forward for the UK battle of the bands as Almost Equals song. Writer of the song, Ziolkowski, stated "The song is from my point of view but it's not about me, it's about a friend, and we can all relate to it because we all feel like this once in our lives"

Stop And Take A Look[edit]

The second song from Almost Equal, written by Dunn and lyrics from Bettison, shows Almost Equal's Indie Rock edge. The song was originally named 'Milk Was A Bad Choice' a quote taken from the film Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy.

Battle of the Bands[edit]

Year Nominee/work Award Result
2013 Almost Equal Young Chambers UK Battle of the bands Entered
2013 Almost Equal Excelsior Academy 'Bring the Beat' Entered

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