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March 22, 2012, it has truly been a long time since I logged on and worked on Wikipedia each and every day. It has been two years and I doubt anyone even remembers me. I knew all of the wikipedia policies by heart, but I never did anything spectacular in terms of content. I was an editor that always stayed in the background. That said, it was a great two years here on the project; I learned much in my time here and met some extraordinary people within the community.

Why have I been away all this time? I have thought about it off and on these last two years and I feel I owe anyone that still watches this page an explanation for my departure. This song sums up my feelings about the current state of the Wikipedia project. At least at the time of my departure, the community was divided and hostile toward separate parts of itself. I saw as editors I had come to love speaking with on the project leave one by one. There was a constant amount of editors tearing down other editors all throughout the project. A single mistake by one editor would result in a storm of negativity from the same group of editors on AN/I and other areas. Collaboration had been replaced with hostility throughout most of the project. The only calm place was in areas dealing with new editors. The problem with the community isn't the people, there were (are) many fine people within the project, it is the cynicism and negativity that has polluted the atmosphere of the project.

Ultimately, the reason I left is because I couldn't take seeing so many editors get put down any longer. I was disillusioned after seeing so many of the editors I called friend leave the project in disgust. The project was founded on the idea of collaboration and teamwork to build something great. This negativity that has entered the English Wikipedia culture didn't occur over night and I doubt it will clear up in a day. It would take an intentional effort at the root level by the community. Perhaps one day the conditions will improve. To anyone still watching this page, farewell for now, I wish you all the best. Perhaps one day I will return, but I have no immediate plans to do so.

Best wishes,

Alpha_Quadrant (talk) 05:00, 4 March 2014 (UTC)