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My friends criticize me for being too objective, and often being unwilling to let emotional context sway how I approach a situation. I can also be criticized for becoming too emotional or angry if pushed over that edge.

I do not like long walks on the beach unless it is night time, and park rangers are not coming to tell me I'm not allowed on the beach at night.

2008 Presidential Race[edit]

I support Barack Obama for President, because I believe in national unity, the right to the pursuit of happiness and the audacity of hope.


I don't believe in most conspiracies, but I believe dismissing them instinctively is as irresponsible and irrational as those that tend to believe in them.

For example, much like the King family, I don't believe James Earl Ray killed Martin Luther King Jr. (refer to allegations of conspiracy in article). On the other hand, I believe terrorists destroyed the World Trade Center


I graduated with an BS in Mathematics from Elon University, received a Graduate Transition Certificate in Computer Science from Southern Polytechnic State University and am in the Master's of Information Science program at Georgia Tech.


I like Alton Brown

I like Nikola Tesla

I like Keith Olbermann


I honestly try not to push an agenda, but it has been known to happen. I hate ideologues, and fall in the category of social libertarian and economic liberal/socialist. I'm partly xenophobic and believe immigration should be more strictly controlled; believe there's no reason a teacher who is effective should receive less than 100k$ / year salary at the peak of his career; medicine or medical insurance should be nationalized and centralized,; Israel has a right to exist, is not imperialist in any way, and needs to chill and stop killing people now and then to begin peace talks.

I believe it can happen again, and it can happen in America.