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I am a systems professional by trade and vocation, having been in the IT/Operations field for over twenty years. My CV may be found elsewhere; but the value I hope to have brought, and to continue to bring to the Wikipedia community is a sense of continuous improvement through collaboration, which is the driving principle of the administration of systems and Internet services in general. I greatly bemoan that societally and culturally, we seem to often and easily lose sight of that.

We don't run systems or write programs or WP articles for ourselves. They are meant to be shared; and to be maintained and administered with integrity and the greatest respect for the trust placed in us by our fellow community members to enhance, improve, or at the very least not to harm those resources.

To that end, I keep my eye out for vandalism, blatant violation of WP policies, and little things I can fix. Here on Wikipedia, just as in my chosen profession; I'm not out to create the world or to save it. Simply to make it a better place in whatever way I am able.

I am most easily reached via email.

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