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Spending more time on your user page than on improving just one Wikipedia article is a sin against all editors.

Don't just write it; cite it.

[From somebody who isn't the author of this page] I have decided that this person is one of the better people on Wikipedia. Look: he doesn't have a big stupid user page full of pompous pretensions and uninteresting space-wasting "userboxes", and if you look at his talk page you will see he has not only made very many useful contributions but also even removed jokes from his own page in order to shut up annoying and humourless Wiki-Nazis rather than start a big war about it. I can't stand anybody, including rather more than 99% of "Wikipedians", so even though he will have to delete this, let it be known for now. (talk) 06:24, 20 November 2007 (UTC)