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Alxx -> Alex Gibson

Interests include

motor bikes , reading (fan of Raymond Feist , Robert Jordan and others), computers electronics , microcontrollers, fpga , dsps.

Currently working with TI C6000 dsps especially DM642 , Cradle MDSP chips, Xilinx fpgas and Philips lpc21xx arm7 microcontrollers.

Currently working for NeST - Network Sensor Technologies Lab at UTS ( and for

Was secretary for two years of UTS Engineering society currently president of UTS saladbowl society - currently redesigning/fixing up the website

2000 - now Slowly completing University degrees. Double degree Bachelor of Science Applied Physics and Bachelor of Engineering (Elect) Diploma of Engineering Practice.

2 physics subjects to go - HPC high performance computing )parallel programming in fortran 90/95) and Optics and nanophotonics and at least 8 engineering subjects to go.


2000- 2005 Tutored a few subjects at university: Introductory Digital Systems(2003 - 2005) Computational Mathematics and Physics (just the physics, 2002)

1990 - 1999 Aircraft Maintenance Engineer Avionics(Trade certificate) Worked for Qantas as a Maintenance Engineer.

Mostly in Heavy Maintenance Modifications, installing new equipment and systems to 747 and 767 aircraft.

Everything from GPS and sat comms thru to entertainment systems , strut modifactions and generator feeder cables. Medically retired Nov 1999(motor cycle accident Jan 1998).