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[[Link titleLink title]]'Alfredo Matheus Diez aka "matheus10" (born September 14, 1967 in Caracas, Venezuela) is an singer-songwriter-sound engineer popular in Latin Music. One of three children born in Venezuela, Matheus10 formed his first band in 1984 with his younger brother Alejandro. In 1985, he moved to the United States to study music and sound engineering. Shortly after his college degree, In 1989, he started a rewarding sound engineering career working in several professional recording studios were he was able to meet and share his music with many producers and artists of the latin music scene. In 1998 he mixed Placido Domingo's "100 años de Mariachi" winning his first Grammy as an engineer. In 1999, he won an ASCAP songwriter award ( American Society of Composers Authors and Publishers) for his hit song "''Lloran las rosas''" (1999) by the mexican crooner Cristian Castro. 4 other Grammys followed with works for: Olga Tañon ( 2001) and (2002), Luis Miguel ( 2003), and Marc Anthony (2005) . Other of his renowned hit songs also won ASCAP awards: Luis Fonsi's "Si tu quisieras" (2000), and Marc Anthony's "Que precio tiene el cielo" (2007). Other collaborations are his translations and vocal coaching to popular american mega groups like The Backstreet Boys andN'SYNC. As a singer-songwriter, matheus10 released his first album in 2004 titled[[ "entre la tierra y el cielo" SONY/BMG Venezuela. His second album is scheduled to be released in the Summer of 2009. Matheus10's continuous participation in the music industry is a definite sign of his talent and reputation. /Users/Alfredo/Desktop/matheus10-2009.jpg