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Hello World, this is me... Life should be, fun for everyone!

Hi, my name is Amanda Pirato and at this page I will tell you all a little bit about me. I was born in Rotterdam, The Netherlands out of a Brazilian father and a Dutch mother on (1985-03-22) March 22, 1985 (age 32). My father was only four years old when his parents brought him into Europe and my mother has lived in the Netherlands all her life. Although I'm born and currently live in Rotterdam I have lived in several other places all over the Netherlands. From my birth until my sixth year I lived in Rotterdam, afterwards we moved to Amsterdam for a year and Groningen for two years. When I was ten years old we moved to Otterlo where I lived for 3.5 years before we ended up in Tilburg. Four years in Tilburg brought me towards Veldhoven and now I'm back in Rotterdam. And if it's up to me I will stay here for another while now. I love this city and it's people. Not to forget the nightlife, festivals and other enjoyable parts of life that are available here.

Currently I work as a nurse in a hospital and I work on pretty different time schedules every time over and over again. In my free time I'd like to hang out with my friends. I'd like to visit a bar or club or to see a movie at home or in the cinema. I also can party all night long at huge parties and I love to do and to watch sports. Actually sports is my life, I guess you can call me a sportsaholic or a sports nymph ;) I already discovered that sports was my thing when I was a very little girl. The first sport that got my attention was artistic gymnastics. If I remember correctly my mom sent me to a trial at a local club and I was completely sold from the beginning. I did this sport for about four years and then I wanted something different. From that moment on I discovered sport after sport and it was really hard to choose between sports and to drop another one or to decide another new sport wouldn't be good for me at a certain point. Anyways, I ended up combining two or more of the following sports for a shorter time or for many years: korfball, tennis, badminton, cycling, athletics, squash, volleyball, swimming, speed skating, soccer and water polo. I loved them all but I never excelled enough in any of them to make a national selection or something like that, so I dropped the idea of becoming a professional in any of the sports I do. Right now I combine a few of these sports mentioned above with another few not mentioned yet. I totally love my fitness work outs in my local gym several times a week. I combine this with running and cycling in the open air, Tae Bo, volleyball and swimming. Cycling is set to be my real passion. You can find me on all kind of different types of bikes and surfaces, for instance, the road and track, but also on a mountain bike or in cyclo-cross. I participate in quite some races throughout the year and on top of that I am a part time cycling teacher for kids as well.

Apart from doing all these sports myself I also really like to follow quite some sports as well. The performances of sporters, the progress they are making throughout the years, the determination in their faces while participating, the excitement in their faces when they win, and the sadness in their faces when they lose totally fascinate me. They give me the spirit that I need to perform well myself as a sporter and they keep me motivated. Sports unites, sports bring people together and sports forces people to get to their ultimate goal in life. Sports are not just very important for me, but in my opinion they are important for everyone. Maybe they are more important to me because I enjoy them so much, but everyone needs to sport to stay in shape. Sports are also important to those who follow a certain sportsman, a team or competition. It makes me happy to see that sports in general are already pretty good and detailed included in Wikipedia, but on the other hand there is still a lot of work to be done.

This is mainly why I decided to join this project. I actually already discovered Wikipedia back in 2005 when I was looking for some information about a certain sportsman and ended up on Wikipedia. At that time I didn't know this website would have had such an impact on me that I was coming back over and over again for more information. Sometimes I ended up disappointed by the lack of information, other times I was really satisfied and helped me learning more about someone or about a sport. I thought Wikipedia was really interesting and helpful to me, but it took me until January 2008 to sign up for my account and to participate in this project myself. I never created myself an account before, so that was the first thing that had to be done. Afterwards I opened the article of Danny Stam that already existed, but which was really small. Stam had just won the Six-day cycling event in Rotterdam for the third time in his career and I expanded this article quite a bit. Afterwards I checked for disciplines in track cycling and I came to the conclusion there was no article about the omnium yet, so I decided to create that one and so far I haven't received any complains, so I guess I did a good job there. Danny Stam won his Six-day racing event together with Leif Lampater, but Lampater didn't have an entry in Wikipedia yet. I decided he was next up, I created the article and after this I concluded that I was really enjoying this website. That's mainly why I decided to create myself a user page and this subpage.

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