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Human. Librarian. Eater of cake.

Mostly interested in the history of Boston, women's history, and science fiction.


Conflict of interest statement[edit]

In full disclosure, I work at a library with archives and special collections in Greater Boston history, so I'm often editing articles related to the people and organizations whose papers are in those archives and special collections. I always strive to do this within Wikipedia guidelines on conflict of interest, but if you ever have questions about my editing pages related to collections in my library, please don't hesitate to contact me.

Wikipedia advice for students[edit]

Do the research first![edit]

Gather and read your reliable sources, note important facts, then write the article. Remember, start with reliable secondary sources. A press release generally should not be the major source for your article.

Classroom assignments[edit]


Organizing meetups and social editing[edit]

I'm honestly one of those editors that does most of my work when involved with a class or in a social editing situation, and I think those are modes of editing via which we can work to expand the contributor base. I've helped organize or have otherwise contributed to several Wikipedia-related events and presentations:

Primary and archival sources[edit]

I'm also interested in how Wikipedia and archival/primary sources are used in the high school and college classroom, particularly primary sources related to groups that are less represented in the larger historical record. I'm working on an edit-a-thon intro specific to special collections projects, with a focus on underrepresented groups, here.

Wikipedia, archives, and Open Access[edit]

Reminders to self[edit]

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