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Leeds Castle

Amanda J. M. has at long last... 2006... discovered what a great place Wikipedia is to share information and ideas.

I am an art lover and a story teller. I particularly like art and stories that are uplifting to the human spirit. I look for the beauty in things and talk about it at great length. I like it when someone follows me from site to site and corrects my spelling errors and typos and makes my references work. I get put out when the someoone who corrrects my typos also removes every adjective. Adjectives are the basic tool of the Art historian!

I don't know how to stop this keyboard doing ddouble lletterrss. Every time I have to use the word "commissioned" it makes me nervouss. Also, coming to the world of computers rather late in life, I'm slow to catch on. How does one get those little lists of icons and things describing ones affiliations, gender, religion and so on? --Amandajm 10:46, 6 July 2006 (UTC)

Update: It's 2010 and I'm still here, having fun! Amandajm (talk) 04:28, 28 January 2010 (UTC)


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For contribution to articles about churches[edit]

St Michaels Anglican Cathedral Wollongong.jpg The St Michael's and All Angels' Gong
Thanks etc

AJM's advice to new editors[edit]

  • Look at the article to see how it is laid out. The Table of Contents is the best place to start.
  • Read the article to see if what you want to add or remove is appropriate, necessary, or adds value.
  • Search for the right place to put it.
  • Check Use the "Show Preview" to make sure that what you have done is appropriate and correct.
  • Discuss any change about which you are uncertain, by placing your proposed text, or just a suggestion, on the talk page. Someone who watches the article will usually answer in a day or so. You can monitor this by clicking the watch tag at the top of the page.
  • Be aware
    • that an addition inserted between two sentences or paragraphs that are linked in meaning can turn the existent paragraphs into nonsense.
    • that a lengthy addition or the creation of a new sub-section can add inappropriate weight to just one aspect of a topic.

When adding images

  • Look to see if the subject of your image is already covered. Don't duplicate subject matter already present. Don't delete a picture just to put in your own, unless your picture is demonstrably better for the purpose. The caption and nearby text will help you decide this.
  • Search through the text to find the right place for your image. If you wish it to appear adjacent to a particular body of text, then place it above the text, not at the end of it.
  • Look to see how the pictures are formatted. If they are all small thumbnails, do not size your picture at 300 px. The pictures in the article may have been carefully selected to follow a certain visual style e.g. every picture may be horizontal, because of restricted space; every picture might be taken from a certain source, so they all match. Make sure your picture looks appropriate in the context of the article.
  • Read the captions of existent pictures, to see how yours should fit in.
  • Check the formatting, placement, context and caption before you leave the page by using the Show preview function, and again after saving.
  • Discuss If your picture seems to fill a real identifiable need in the article, but doesn't fit well, because of formatting or some other constraint, then put it on the talk page and discuss, before adding.
  • Be aware that adding a picture may substantially change the layout of the article. Your addition may push another picture out of its relevant section or cause some other formatting problem.
  • Edit before adding. Some pictures will look much better, or fit an article more appropriately if they are cropped to show the relevant subject.

To be used when required[edit]

Photograph taken in a public location in the UK of a building on permanent public display, and exempt from copyright under Section 62 of the Copyright Designs & Patents Act 1988 ("it is not an infringement of copyright to film, photograph, broadcast or make a graphic image of a building, sculpture, models for buildings or work of artistic craftsmanship if that work is permanently situated in a public place or in premises open to the public")


For use when necessary: WP:WQA

Amandajm (talk) 07:34, 1 June 2012 (UTC)

Templates for formatting galleries[edit]

The Resurrection window, St Andrew's Cathedral
The East window of St Mary's, Chilham

Articles and pictures[edit]

Native bee on Geraldton Wax Flower
Medieval glass at Canterbury Cathedral.
A young Clydesdale taking a well-earned rest.
The Nave of Lincoln Cathedral.
"El Grande", destroyed by loggers, 2002
St Andrew's Cathedral, Sydney, reflected in an office block
Four of the ten 20th century martyrs at Westminster Abbey.
St Andrew's Cross Spider
Christ in Majesty at Angers Cathedral.
Wendy Richardson, OAM.
St Andrew's looking across towards the transept.
Art Nouveau glass at Sydney Central Railway Station.
The restoration of the famous Thomas of Canterbury window
Cutnpaste Portinari Chapel/Altarpiece 1
Cutnpaste Portinari chapel/Altarpiece 2

Some FAs to which I have contributed[edit]

Articles for which I am the major contributor[edit]

"All the world's a stage,
and all the men and women merely players:
they have their exits and their entrances;
and one man in his time plays many parts..."

As You Like It, Act II, Scene 7, 139–42[2]

articles followed by ** are those I created

Biographical articles to which I have contributed[edit]

  • *indicates major contributor, ** indicates I began the article

Articles created out of existent material[edit]

Articles I have greatly expanded[edit]

Existent articles, reorganised and reformatted[edit]

Editted in collaboration with Attilios[edit]

Contributions to Christianity[edit]

(added bits)

Other contributions to art and architecture[edit]

Contributions to Australiana[edit]

Contributions to creatures, great and small[edit]

Places of interest[edit]

The human condition[edit]

Other matters[edit]

File:Wells with spires cutnpaste.jpg
Wells Cathedral with spires