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Introducing myself[edit]

Hi I'm Ambrosia10, also known as Siobhan Leachman. I live in Wellington, New Zealand. I co-organise the Wikipedians in Wellington Meetup held monthly, as well as the Aotearoa New Zealand Online meetup, also held monthly. For my contributions see this page of statistics. I'm interested in New Zealand, natural history, the OpenGLAM movement, supporting GLAM engagement with WikiProjects, and increasing the participation with and content in English Wikipedia, Wikidata and Wikimedia Commons of under represented groups. I am keen supporter of Women in Red, events such as #1Lib1Ref, as well as many of the projects undertaken by New Zealand editors and institutions to engage and improve English Wikipedia, Wikidata and Wikimedia Commons.

More detail on my contributions are outlined in my ORCID profile.

Recent presentations, workshops and edit-a-thons[edit]

Wikipedia Weekly Biodiversity recordings[edit]

Previous projects and edit-a-thons[edit]

Currently working on (April 2022)[edit]

As usual I have several projects on the go:

New Zealand focused work[edit]

Endemic species[edit]

I'm continuing to work on New Zealand endemic species creating or expanding articles as I go. I'm currently editing Wikipedia articles on New Zealand moths with the assistance of access provided by the Wikipedia Library to academic resources. I also want to start created NZ mayfly articles as they are indicator species for water quality. See this resource for info (currently adding updated info into Wikidata). I'm also continuing to edit species articles that have a NZTCS status.

List of priority work on NZ moth species[edit]
  • Eudonia trivirgatus (check species name)
  • Mnesictena (Improve genus article and all species articles particular with regard to currently unresolved differences in taxonomy)

I'm also working on New Zealand GLAM content, particularly images sourced from New Zealand GLAM institutions such as Auckland Museum and Te Papa. I organise WikiCommons categories, upload to WikiCommons, adding metadata on paintings to Wikidata, and reusing the images in Wikipedia. I'm using appropriately licensed images from such organisations as the Auckland War Memorial Museum , Manaaki Whenua - Landcare Research, and iNaturalist to improve New Zealand species articles.

I've been assisting linking the National Library of New Zealand's content in Wikidata via the Mix'n'Match tool and reusing appropriately licensed images and information contained in their collection in WikiCommons and Wikipedia. I'm also working on the BHL Mix'n'match dataset.

New Zealand Threat Classification work[edit]

I am VERY slowly and gradually working through the New Zealand Department of Conservation Threat classification lists updating and creating articles on those New Zealand plants, animals and fungi who are listed as threatened, at risk or data deficient. I'm using these documents as a basis for this work. At some point I would also like to revamp the Wikipedia article outlining the New Zealand Threat Classification system as it appears significantly out of date. I've been reaching out to New Zealand GLAMs and other organisations to obtain photos of endangered or at risk fauna and flora.

Completed NZ Threat Classification work[edit]

  • All scientifically described moths in this list now have an expanded or new article.
  • Wikidata properties created and "easy to ingest" threat classifications are now uploaded into Wikidata. Still plenty of work to be done as some newly described species don't have wikidata items and there of course is issues with taxonomy used in New Zealand vs taxonomy used in the rest of the world.

New Zealand theses project[edit]

See the project page.


I'm also attempting to create or add to any articles on notable scientists, collectors or illustrators I've come across in my volunteer work with the Smithsonian Transcription Center and the Biodiversity Heritage Library. Also using this resource for NZ botanists And of course any notable New Zealand woman in order to combat the current bias in Wikipedia

General work[edit]

I'm an active participant in WikiProject Biodiversity and often appear in the Wikipedia Weekly broadcasts dealing with this subject.

I'm continuing to work on zoological and botanical collectors, adding them into Wikidata, editing or creating articles where appropriate and then connecting them to their specimens in GBIF via the Bionomia website. My particular focus is New Zealand and women collectors but I tend to be omnivorous once I start a deep dive into content. I work on datasets in Wikidata mix'n'match including BHL creator ids and Index of Harvard botanists.

I'm also a keen contributor to efforts to improve coverage of early women scientific illustrators. See for example Wikipedia:GLAM/Illustrators of the Biodiversity Heritage Libraryand Artists and Scientific Illustrators. I'm working on various articles, Wikidata items and Wikimedia Commons categories about women especially those covered in the Biodiversity Heritage Library #WomeninNatHist outreach efforts.

I contribute to the #1Lib1Ref campaign two times a year.

Interesting projects and proposed planning[edit]

Possible suggests for Event planning 2023[edit]

  • World Wetlands Day Thursday 2 February - Possible editathon the weekend before/after? Could attempt to get at least a stub article done for every notable wetland in NZ? Talk to NZ Wetlands Trust?
  • World Water Day - Wednesday 22 March - Possible editathon in the weekend before/after? Water quality of rivers, species that indicate water quality, information on testing, article sections on water quality in towns and cities, 3 Waters etc
  • Earth Day - Saturday 22 April - Possible editathon? Species articles, water quality sections in River articles, Biodiversity sections in town/city articles, DOC publications/reports are all examples of work to be done?
  • International Museum Day - Thursday 18 May - Improve/create articles and wikidata items on NZ museums working from lists via sprql query and NZMuseums list. Find/create ontology for fabulous museum item.
  • World Bee Day - 20 May
  • International Day for Biological Diversity - Sunday 22 May - Biodiversity articles!
  • World Environment Day - Monday 5 June
  • World Habitat Day - 4 October.
  • World Migratory Bird Day - 8 October

List of some of the Articles I've helped create.[edit]

Some of these articles are stubs created in anticipation of and to assist with various Wikipedia workshops, others have been created while working on NZ moth threat classification status. This is by no means a complete list as I got tired of adding articles to it! Another list.

DYK article 17 December 2015
see Template:Did_you_know_nominations/Stenoperla_prasina

New Zealand species work links and resources[edit]

Tools, links and reminders to self[edit]

Tool hub[edit]

See this

Things to explore or learn more about[edit]

Rapid Grant Applications[edit]

GA and FA applications for Kererū[edit]


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