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Introducing myself[edit]

Hi I'm Ambrosia10, also known as Siobhan Leachman. I live in Wellington, New Zealand. I co-organise the Wikipedians in Wellington Meetup held monthly as well as the Aotearoa New Zealand Online meetup, also held monthly.

Recent presentations, workshops and edit-a-thons[edit]

Previous projects and edit-a-thons[edit]

Currently working on (December 2020)[edit]

I'm continuing examine the species articles of New Zealand endemic moths creating or expanding articles as I go. I'm currently revising Wikipedia articles of moths that fall within the Ichneutica genus. I'm using this resource to guide article structure. This will be a work in progress as there are approximately 1800 endemic moths in NZ.

I'm currently working on New Zealand art, sorting out WikiCommons categories, organising, uploading to WikiCommons, adding metadata on paintings to Wikidata, and reusing the images in Wikipedia.

I'm also working on zoological and botanical collectors, getting them into Wikidata, editing or creating articles where appropriate and then connecting them to their specimens via GBIF. My particular focus is NZ and women collectors but I tend to be omnivorous once I start a deep dive into content.

I've also been working on this project Wikipedia:GLAM/Illustrators of the Biodiversity Heritage Library. I'm working on various articles about women especially #WomeninNatHist campaign women.

I'm using appropriately licensed images from various sources such as the Auckland War Memorial Museum and Manaaki Whenua - Landcare Research Ltd to improve New Zealand species articles.

I contribute to the #1Lib1Ref campaign two times a year.

I'm keen to do an invasive species for New Zealand themed effort both in Wikidata and Wikipedia. See

Interesting projects[edit]

NZ Threat Classification List[edit]

I am VERY slowly and gradually working through the New Zealand Department of Conservation Threat classification lists updating and creating articles on those New Zealand plants, animals and fungi who are listed as threatened, at risk or data deficient. I'm using these documents as a basis for this work. At some point I would also like to revamp the Wikipedia article outlining the New Zealand Threat Classification system as it appears significantly out of date. I've been reaching out to New Zealand GLAMs and other organisations to obtain photos of endangered or at risk fauna and flora.

Completed NZ Threat Classification work[edit]

  • All moths in this list now have an expanded or new article.


I'm also attempting to create or add to any articles on notable scientists, collectors or illustrators I've come across in my volunteer work with the Smithsonian Transcription Center and the Biodiversity Heritage Library. Also using this resource for NZ botanists And of course any notable New Zealand woman in order to combat the current bias in Wikipedia.

See this markup Infobox person/Wikidata.

To do list[edit]

List of some of the Articles I've helped create.[edit]

Some of these articles are stubs created in anticipation of and to assist with various Wikipedia workshops, others have been created while working on NZ moth threat classification status. This is by no means a complete list as I got tired of adding articles to it!

DYK article 17 December 2015

Sandbox list for drafts[edit]


Potential articles via BHL related work[edit]

New Zealand Species Work[edit]

A list of ongoing work needed :-

Great markup for insect body part terms See apex

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Things to explore or learn more about[edit]