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Amin Eftegarie
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ResidenceAmsterdam Metropolitan Area
EducationWikipedia and YouTube
Alma materNone
Known forkeeping it real 💯
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Hello, welcome to my page. Feel free to leave me a message. I am also active on Wiktionary.


  • My name is Amin Eftegarie
  • Born in Tehran, Iran in 1989
  • Moved to the Netherlands shortly after my birth
  • Visited 17 countries
  • Favorite book: The Selfish Gene
  • I believe that genes are immortal survival machines, that use our disposable bodies to endlessly replicate themselves

I favour

  • Freedom of speech, press, movement and information
  • Rethinking and possibly abolishing copyright and patent laws, while keeping trademark laws as they are
  • Privatising and deregulating markets, where it makes sense
  • Optimising laws to benefit citizens and consumers as opposed to special interest groups


Reading Wikipedia and peer reviewed studies about Concealed ovulation, how and why it evolved, amongst other things, while playing Techno