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These are the deletion processes that i started. I don't do it for fun. If you can convince me that i am wrong in any of these cases, please do it. Be bold - a deleted article can always be re-created.

General thoughts about deletion[edit]

Deletion policies in the English Wikipedia are just right and Wikipedias in all other languages should adopt them. Notability counts; Verifiability counts; majority vote doesn't count.

Some people say that deleting non-notable articles is wrong, because Wikipedia is a free encyclopedia. This is a misunderstanding of the word "free" in this context - what makes Wikipedia free is the freedom to redistribute and modify its contents. The freedom of Wikipedia is not the freedom to write anything you want.

An encylopedia is not supposed to be a democracy and a "democratic" vote is not the right way to decide about deletion or any other encyclopedic matter. Some Wikipedias have elaborate rules about voting, while instead they should all adopt the very sensible English Wikipedia policy: Deletion discussion is not a vote.

Deletion discussions (AfD)[edit]

In progress[edit]

None at the moment.

Speedily deleted[edit]


The Sudoku friends[edit]

  • Avriri - Let me just say, that this article embodies all the reasons why i shall never, ever, willingly live in Tel Aviv.
  • Alon Kastiel - Wikipedia is not a real-estate or gossip supplement.

Non-notable constructed languages and scripts[edit]

  • İQTElif, Deletion review - It was really sad to nominate it, because it looks like the guy who created it did a thorough job and that he is also a contributor to Free Software. He tried to recreate it too, and it was speedied; the he tried to recreate it again and it was speedied and protected. Oh, the mess. For more info see User talk:Amire80/İQTElif.
  • IPA2 - This story is sadly similar to the İQTElif story.

Slovio and Mark Hucko[edit]

For more on this, see this post in a Polish blog; at the bottom there's a very long comment that i wrote in English: Brzydkie slovio i chińszczyzna.



  • Babm - I nominated it, and some people claimed that it is notable. Their proof wasn't strong, but neither was mine.
  • Stoozing - Kept. My bad. I assumed that it's bollocks too quickly.
  • Lingua Franca Nova - No consensus. Hmmm. It's really very nice, but all sources are self-published.
  • Penis game - Very interesting: In 2004 it survived a very funny VfD with a lot of "keep" votes, and in 2008 it was immediately slammed with a lot of "delete" votes. I wonder why. It was kept, 'cuz some sources were found. I didn't grow in English-speaking environment, so i can't say whether this is real or not; if English speakers think that this thing is more than a joke, then so be it...
  • Yuki Asuka - She's not a pornstar, she's an AV idol. It was worth it to run into this article only to learn this term.


  • Alphabet 26 - A proposal to unify capital and small letters, that few people cared about. Tried to prod, but it was contested based on Google result count. Apparently, the word alphabet is quite likely to appear near the number 26, guess why.
  • Lycée Carnot - Converted from PROD. Apparently, there's a pretty big article about it in French and that bum Chirac studied there.


These are proposed deletions - not bad enough for speedy, and not interesting enough for discussion.

In progress[edit]

None at the moment.


If you see that any of those links is not red, someone may have recreated the article. Maybe i was wrong and it actually became a worthy article.

Kept or redirected[edit]

Closed AFD as admin[edit]



Speedily deleted myself[edit]

These are some notable cases in which i speedily deleted an article myself on sight.

  • .sla - If it was a real proposal, like .bzh, then i would PROD it, but this one is not even a proposal. See User talk:dotSLA for more information.