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I mainly update entertainment bios. In doing so, I utilise my good memory for interviews (of course backed up by online sources) and unleash my dreadful spelling.

Articles Started by Me Across the Universe (film), Jamie Winstone, Joe Anderson, Jim Sturgess, The Chatterley Affair, Rebecca Hall, Jodie Whittaker, Rachel Leskovac, Mariah Gale, Hattie Morahan, Thea Sharrock, Kate Fleetwood, Robert Pattinson

Articles to Which I Have Made a Significant Contribution Romola Garai, Glamour (magazine), Clémence Poésy, Amanda Redman, Étienne Guichard, Fleur Delacour, Nathalie Press, Alice Eve, Rafe Spall, Rupert Goold

To Do

Things I used to want to do and might still try and get round to at some point Tolga Safer (add details of training and stage roles), Jane Horrocks, Mark Ravenhill, David Oyelowo, Paul Bettany, James McAvoy, Toni Collette, Gap Year, Adrian Mole, Timothy Spall, Trevor Eve, heat Magazine, Lucy Davies, Julian Rhind-Tutt, DBC Pierre, Mei Melancon (pics issue), Killa Kella, Hallam Foe (novel), These Words (song), rumoured POTC3 titles, Anthony Minghella (add Madame Butterfly info), Etienne Guichard (add more info), Billy Crudup, Charlotte Church

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