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Lived in Alwarthirunagar,Chennai till 1999 and did my schooling at St Johns Matriculation Higher Secondary School from 1984 to 1995. Education at REC Kurukshetra , job at Tata Consultancy Services,Mumbai from 1999 to 2004 and later at Intel,

User:Amol.Gaitonde/Sandbox, User:Amol.Gaitonde/Sandbox1, User:Amol.Gaitonde/Sandbox2, User:Amol.Gaitonde/Sandbox3,User:Amol.Gaitonde/Sandbox4 Bangalore.

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Portals I created for the Metros of India

Bangalore Palace.jpg
Chennai Central.jpg
Calcutta .jpg
Mumbai Taj.JPG
Bangalore Chennai Delhi Kolkata Mumbai

Other Portals

Marathalli 1.JPG
Human body silhouette.svg
Marathahalli Human Body

What I think about Wikipedia:

  • The work of Passionate People
  • A Product of Unity

Photo Contributions[edit]

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Mistakes that Yahoo Makes[edit]

  • In Yahoo mails, there are ads which are part of attachment. It makes it unclean and ads are permanent
  • Products are made for ads

Worst thing about Times of India[edit]

  • The site has too many pop ups to the extent, it irritates
  • Its not a family newspaper..