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The advisory council of Egypt's scientists and experts
المجلس الأستشارى لعلماء و خبراء مصر
Agency overview
Formed 2014; 3 years ago (2014)
Headquarters Cairo, Egypt
Agency executive
Parent agency Presidency of Egypt

The advisory council of Egypt's scientists and experts, Arabic: المجلس الأستشارى لعلماء و خبراء مصر‎‎ is an advisory council formed by the Egyptian President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi in September 2014. Made up of academics and experts, according to the Presidency, the council aims to provide a strategic vision for the state in the future and to provide advisory opinions on projects such as the new Suez Canal development project.[1] President Sisi also said that the council will help aid in correcting religious discourse, improving media discourse and improving the quality of education and linking it to the needs of the market. [2]


The advisory council members include:

Education and scientific research[edit]

  • Dr. Ahmed Zewail
  • Dr. Nabil Aly
  • Dr. Vector Rizkallah
  • Dr. Nabil Fouad Grees



  • Eng. Hany el-Nokrashy
  • Eng. Ibrahim Samak


  • Dr. Hany Abdullah



  • Dr. Aly el-Faramawi


Medicine and Public Health[edit]

Mental Health and Societal consensus[edit]

Pre-university education[edit]

  • Dr. Mervat Ahmed