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If you like to play The Game, you have just lost by reading this.

Some basic information[edit]

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If you are interested in the meaning of my user name, :-) Anagnorisis means 'recognition' or 'discovery' or 'revelation' and it was originally the critical moment in a Greek tragedy leading to the denouement of a story. For example the recognition by the tragic hero of some truth about his or her identity or actions that accompanies the reversal of the situation in the plot. The discovery of such knowledge changes the conduct and actions of the hero, who now accommodates accepting his fate and adjusts his actions thus facilitating the upcoming outcome. A classical example of anagnorisis in Greek tragedy is when Oedipus finds the man he had killed was his father and that the woman he had married is his mother.


Formula One racing, History, Biographies, Asia, Geography, Literature, drinks like: Wine, Beer, Scotch and Vodka, Film and a lot more things.


A few I have created, most I edited adding information or making corrections, others I just joined the discussion.

Articles created[edit]

The White Dragon (the movie) --- Sang Phathanothai --- Carinae --- Oxyntas --- Agger --- Campus Esquilinus --- The Dragon's Pearl --- Francisco Arias Cardenas --- Medanos --- Taj Mahal Palace Hotel --- Sandefjord Museum --- Guaicaipuro --- Mariche --- Ole Aanderud Larsen --- Lars Christensen --- Lars Christensen Peak --- Vahsel Bay --- Framnaes --- Sukhumvit Road --- Alfred Lansing --- Endurance: Shackleton's Incredible Voyage --- Tamanaco --- Chavista --- Macuro --- Sarisariñama

Articles with considerable or relevant contributions[edit]

Arx --- Imperial Trans-Antarctic Expedition --- Flag of Hong Kong --- Edible salt --- Taj Mahal Hotel --- Joan Fontaine --- Obestatin --- Endurance (1912 ship) --- Melania Trump --- Paulina Porizkova --- Tepui --- Hugo Chávez --- Miss Venezuela --- Venezuelan presidential election, 1998 --- Carlos Andrés Pérez --- Columbus Day --- Sonsoles Espinosa --- Equator --- Battle of Carabobo --- José Antonio Páez --- Viasa --- 1957 Invasion of Spanish Sahara --- War of the Spanish Succession --- Marcos Pérez Jiménez --- Humberto Fernández Morán --- Arepa

Articles with relatively minor contributions[edit]

Lope de Aguirre --- Beyond the Sea (film) --- Olivia de Havilland --- Chacao --- Juan Vicente Gomez --- Donald Trump --- John D Chandris --- Spanish Legion --- Eleanor Marx --- José Vicente Rangel --- Liquidity preference --- A Night at the Roxbury --- Daniel Sarcos --- Chiquinquirá Delgado --- Norkys Batista --- Juan de la Cosa --- Enciclopedia Libre --- Ozzie Guillén --- Bolívar State --- Plantain --- Manuela Sáenz --- Jean Claude Van Damme --- Mafia --- La Cosa Nostra --- Ceuta border fence --- Ceuta --- 24 (television) --- Formula One --- Major world religions --- Cara al Sol --- Francisco Franco --- Melilla --- Real Madrid --- Venezuela

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I award this Epic Barnstar to Anagnorisis for his excellent efforts designing and authoring Venezuela-related history articles. Congratulations. Saravask 18 November 2005 (UTC)
I award this Exceptional Newcomer Award to Anagnorisis for his uncanny insight into NPOV and meticulous deletionism, as well as for his exquisitely data-driven, polished, and refined debating style. Saravask 18 November 2005