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The limitations of Wikipedia are adequately covered at WP:5P and WP:NOT. Other restrictions on its capabilities are frequently imagined at AfD, without actual policy to back them up.

CAN'T arguments may predict that articles will become, at some indeterminate point, inappropriate for an encyclopedia. This is a logical fallacy, because there is no need to address such an event until it occurs; see Slippery slope. It also ignores the possibility of Wikipedia editors working to address such events once they occur. And finally, should such events occur and not be able to be addressed, there would remain the question of whether it is worse to delete or keep anyway. Deleting articles that meet the Five Pillars is against WP policy and deprives readers. Keeping articles that poor editors or lack of good ones cannot keep up to standard only inconveniences editors and readers who would like it to be up to standard but will not do make it so themselves.

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