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Allow me to tell you a little bit about myself. I have a passion for history and science, I majored in History in college, and I've done some work at the local archives, in adddition to designing exhibits for display. As for my username, I chose it because it was the genus of a species of spider that I like to study in my spare time, I hope I enjoy my time here on Wikipedia!

It has come to my attention that Wikipedia is now threatened by a serious issue: bias. Users keep pushing for articles to express their points of views, as opposed to just the facts. Articles relating to ongoing conflicts are particularly vulnerable to this problem. We cannot let Wikipedia become reduced to nothing more than a propaganda spewing biased disgrace to the term encyclopedia. I ask all who read this to help me put an end to this irresponsible editing. Please keep an eye out for biased editors try to convince them to stop. If they do not cease their biased editing, please report them. Let's keep Wikipedia free of bias and point of view edits. The following articles and series of articles are places where POV edits have become a serious issue:

-Any article pertaining to the Syrian Civil War be the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant.

-Articles related tothe Middle East and the ongoing crisis there.

-Articles pertaining to the War in Donbass. This is especially true for the Donetsk People's Republic and Luhansk People's Republic articles, where a debate regarding the infobox is showing signs of turning into another messy edit war. Certain users keep trying to claim that's are Rebel groups are just terrorist groups affiliated with Russia, and thus we should use a simple war faction infobox. Please keep an eye out for overly opinionated comments in the related discussion, particularly those which only reflect the eastern or western medias' take on the matter. The pro war-faction group has accused the country infobox group of POV editing, despite the fact that their arguments show clear signs of bias. While I hate to choose a side, I recommend use of the country infobox as the most fact oriented, neutral option, as this coincides with what has been done with all other articles relating to partially recognized and unrecognized states.

We all need to pitch in to solve the problem. Please join me in the fight against point of view editing and bias. Let's keep Wikipedia a neutral place dedicated to the facts.

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