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Anasakta is a Canadian Jnana Yoga teacher living in Port Colborne, Ontario. He teaches TRUE-SELF Yoga, a method that drastically reduces the time it takes for a student to become Self-realized. He emphasizes that the correct practice of meditation involves non-attachment to the body and to the objects of the mind.

Given that his teachers did not charge him, Anasakta follows what is really quite an ancient tradition and does not charge anyone for his time spent teaching. Any charge to attend his Satsang is purely to cover his economy travel expenses to the particular city where the event is being held.

Traveling out of the airport in Buffalo, NY, he visits cities across the United States. At his meetings he restricts the attendance to small numbers so as to preserve the spiritual intensity of his Satsang.

Anasakta had a successful heart transplant in 2003.

As of January 2012 he hopes to be residing and teaching in Japan.

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