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THIS JUST IN: I have the patience of G.O.B..

The Signpost
29 March 2020

About User:Anchoress[edit]

  • My favourite way to contribute on Wikipedia is copyediting. I do create articles, but they're mostly stubs cuz I hate red links.
  • I'm not keen on doing a lot of initial work on articles, because the more I put into them the more emotionally attached I get to them, and that's not a good thing. Also I'm lazy.
  • On the other hand, I hate articles I stumble upon that people wrote off the tops of their heads, just to get something up, so I try to only include sourced info in my stubs.
  • The page I visit the most often is the Penis page. Isn't that an awesome picture???
  • My YahooIM is anchoresse. Feel free to chat me for whatever reason. I'm almost always on. :-)
  • My edit count
  • I've maintained my excellent contributions, attitude and reputation over 18 months by measuring virtually every single potential action against two criteria: a) Does it improve the encyclopedia; and b) Do I feel like doing it. With almost negligible exception, all my on-Wiki activities can be assumed to meet both criteria, and any action not taken fails at least one.

Wikipedian's Serenity Prayer[edit]

God, grant me the serenity,
To accept the articles I cannot change,
The courage to change the ones I can,
And the wisdom to know the difference.

Keep coming back.

To Do[edit]

Urban park - Hastings-Sunrise - Trichotillomania - Hezbollah - Chernobyl disaster - Harold Davidson - Norman Mailer - Seven Beauties - Kyle MacDonald - Teenybopper - Kiki Carter - Hezbollah - Lost (TV series) - Manggha - Vanilla Sky - Barbara Walters - Bnei Menashe - The Truth About Caffeine - Julian Lennon - Bill Kamal - Nikki Carter - Alex Jones - Margaret Atwood#Literary_Works - Push For The Cure - Larrivee Guitars - The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock - Ella Fitzgerald - Morganatic marriage (gender-neutral language) - Michael Flatley - The Peace Company - Louise Diamond - Chantal Mallett - Steven Spielberg - Garner Ted Armstrong

Wikipedia:WikiProject The Simpsons/Addling ListGenBot tags to episode pages

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