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Notice: I am not much around currently. My activity has shifted to the Dutch language Wikipedia, on which I am very active nowadays. Apart from that I have differences in opinion with 'The powers that be' on what an encyclopedia, in particular Wikipedia, should and should not be. So I just keep myself down, and help a bit where I can, but don't do anything spectacular any more.

I also operate the robot Robbot.

I am Dutch, and by profession mathematician and theoretical computer scientist (got my Ph.D. in computer science in May 2001), and currently working at Ericsson in Rijen. I have been helping with Wikipedia since March 2001, one of my first articles was Netherlands/history, which gained me some acclaim.

For my pride, and maybe also a bit for your curiosity, I am keeping a list of pages I created at Pages

Remarks, whether positive or negative should please be placed on my talk page, not here.