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I have found this project in early June 2001 and have been contributing here and there ever since, but did not register as a user for almost two months. I am convinced that both the Wikipedia and Nupedia, each one in its own way, have historical importance and are destined to enormous success and I will try to help them to get there.

Welcome, Andrea! It's nice to see you with a name after two months of being an IP number. :) While it's perfectly fine to have a homepage as a subpage of Wikipedians, if you try to make a subpage (say, Wikipedians/Andrea Parri/Todo list), it will end up being a subpage of Wikipedians (Wikipedians/Todo list). I hope you're having fun here. --Stephen Gilbert

Hi Andrea,

Thanks for showing me this!

Good work Andrea!

PMelvilleAustin 00:59 13 Jun 2003 (UTC)