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Yep, that's me!

AndreniW (b. 1991) is a Wikipedia/Wikiquote/Wikibooks/Wiktionary user.

Early life[edit]

AndreniW was born in the state of Illinois. They are an only child, but enjoys spending time with their extended family. At the age of two, they was able to read, and by the age of four, they began programming computers with GW-BASIC.

Computer age[edit]

AndreniW has always enjoyed being on computers. They have a wide collection of computers, some of which connect to the Internet.

Wiki life[edit]

Star of life.svgThis user scored {{{1}}} on the Wikipediholic test.

With a Wikipediholic score of 2935.992857387434, they are here to stay. As of this writing, they were going for their 1,000th edit.

Current projects/To do[edit]

  • Florida state roads:
    • Add Infoboxes to all the FL state/county road articles.
    • Start and expand FL road articles.
    • Possibly take pictures of FL roads near me.
  • Music:
    • Add album covers that I have.
    • Add information about songs without articles that I know about.
  • Radio stations:
    • Add information about Florida radio stations that I can.
    • Move/rename articles with improper suffixes (e.g. no -FM, -TV, or (AM)).
    • Write the List of Florida radio stations by callsign article.
  • Red Link Recovery:
    • Currently working on Capitialisation/3.
  • SpongeBob:
    • Add Infoboxes to the SpongeBob episodes that I can find adequate information for.
  • Vandalism:
    • I am determined to get every last vandal off of Wikipedia.
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Pages I've created[edit]



They are knowledgeable in C, Perl, various dialects of BASIC, C++, Assembler, HTML, CSS, SQL, Wiki markup, Java (including JavaScript), and various other languages.

When not spending their time on Wikipedia, they help develop the website for a family-owned non-profit.

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