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It's been a while since I've had a real bio on my user page, so here goes.

I'm a software developer, consultant and startup guy working in downtown Manhattan by day, and well... I guess by night I edit Wikipedia, on and off for the last 10 years. I like wearing hats sometimes, but don't collect them. I am best described as a left-wing, environmentalist, atheist humanist-rationalist techno-anarchist (of sorts).

Here are some articles I've created over the last decade of diverse interests and opportunities (no, I am not on the spectrum, but a strong empath with a dark sense of humor who is nonetheless sometimes blunt verging on abrasive): Rolodex (a living skeuomorph now a soon to be meaningless metaphor, like "free rein"), Gray's Papaya (I'm a rare 3rd generation New Yorker), vmlinux (cut my teeth on Gentoo Linux and now use Arch), Spaldeen, Minoru Arakawa, Howard Lincoln, The Weird Al Show, Trip Through the Grand Canyon, Astrobotic Technology, Camerica, Scat Records, Carvel (restaurant), Shigesato Itoi, Ghost (game), TV-FM DX, Mr. Do!, Sega Sammy Holdings, Universal Media Disc, Sonni Ali, Focus Brands, Station Square, anti-humor, no soap radio, Arthur P. Bagby, Jr. unsigned band, the International Health Division (which is also my unsigned band): Lemuel Diggs, Lewis Hackett, Fred W. Stewart, George C. Payne, Wickliffe Rose, and although I didn't create it, I know way too much about Cornelius P. Rhoads, which is now a good article thanks to my nomination. While I have somehow managed never to create an article and take it all the way to featured status, Pete Ashdown and Tony Spear (neither of whom I've met) both made it onto WP:DYK. A picture I took of some blintzes was once chosen as a featured image (I'm Jewish but haven't stepped foot in a synagogue since my Bar Mitzvah).

On Wikipedia I have been an admin (passed unopposed with 20 supports, wow, it's been a while huh?), mediator, bureaucrat (even drier than it sounds), IRC op, meta-admin (this is a real thing yes, but it's less interesting than it sounds, welcome to Wikipedia), sometime writer of thoughts that have later become those shorthand policy shortcuts that make people fear Wikipedia's Byzantine policy pages: WP:RIG, WP:DAQ. As a bureaucrat, I have renamed over 1000 people and promoted over 20 administrators. I have not ever been involved with ArbCom nor do I wish to. Over time I have shifted from a fairly radical inclusionist to a moderate deletionist, and have had 42 successfully deleted AFDs (25 were no consensus, but 11 of those were later deleted or merge/redirected). I've also deleted 34 articles through PROD. These counts will probably become inaccurate someday.

Occasionally I have been randomly commended by people for things.

I am best reached via talk page or e-mail.