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My favorite resources[edit]

Various resources (on & off the Web)

Web directories: Open Directory Project, Google Directory.
Wiki resources: Scholarpedia, Open Site, ENotes, Wikia, Wikipedia, Wikiversity, Wikibooks, Wikisource and other Wikimedia sites.
Media resources: TED talks, TopDocumentaryFilms, BBC, 4oD, PBS, Youtube, Dailymotion.
Academic resources: Google scholar, Sciencenet, Open course ware, Scholarpedia, Wikipedia, Wikibooks, Wikisource, Wikiversity, PlanetMath, MathWorld, MathPages & Space & Motion.
Academic databases: arXiv, MathSciNet, CogPrints, ScienceDirect, Cochrane Library, BioMed Central & MEDLINE, PubMed, PubMed Central & National Library of Medicine.
Academic institutions: MIT, Institute for Advanced Study, Open University, Cambridge University & Oxford University.
Mathematical institutions: American Institute of Mathematics & American Mathematical Society.
Physics institutions: Institute of Physics, American Institute of Physics, Perimeter Institute, Max Plank Institute, Bohr Institute CERN & Fermilab.
Medical institutions: Cochrane Collaboration, National Center for Biotechnology Information, National Institute of Health, NICE & National Health Service.
Science news: Science Daily, PhysOrg, Eurekalert!, eScienceNews, Wikinews & BBC.
Science mags: New Scientist, Scientific American, Science News, TheScientist & Physics World.
Science journals: Nature, Science & New Journal of Physics.
Linux news: DistroWatch (, Phoronix (, OSNews (, The H (, ( &
Linux forums:, &
Linux mags: Linux Format, Linux Magazine & Linux User and Developer.
Linux PCs: System76 & ZaReason.
Wiki Tools: WikiEd, Simple userbox maker.