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Yo, watup? My name is Andrew Enns & I’m into rivers, lakes, waterfalls & that type of thing. I’m also really into hockey & I’m actually an ice hockey referee. I usually don’t edit hockey articles though.

I really love to listen to music, my favorite bands are AC/DC, Metallica, Guns n' Roses, Bon Jovi & Van Halen. As you can see, I'm really into Heavy Metal!

Peace Out


Any time I find vandalism on a page I remove it & if the vandal has not been given a warning, I make sure I give him one (most of the time the vandalism has already been reverted but if the vandal hasn't been warned I warn him). I then put the page address of his contributions on here so I can keep an eye on him. You don't get away with vandalism when I'm around!

While most IP's are up to no good there is the occasional IP, such as User: that actually wants to help Wikipedia! I cannot believe what I am saying! Not only does he love reverting vandalism, but he even has an anti-vandalism banner to prove it! He should be a model to all IP's out there!

Vandalism on my user & talk page[edit]

August 26th of 2009 is a very significant day in history. Why? Because it marked the first time my user or talk page was vandalized. Yes, User: became the first person to vandalize my personal pages when he made this edit to my talk page. User:Tide rolls quickly reverted it (thanks so much TR) & gave the IP a warning.

Well, if he continues to vandalize my personal pages, other people's personal pages or any other Wikipedia pages he will get blocked. Typical IP's acting like idiots... nothing new about that.

Anyhow, I think I will keep a list of all the vandalism I get on either my user or talk page with the IP's or user's name beside a link to the vandalism.

Is the glass half empty or is the glass half full?[edit]

A smiley face on a green traffic light? It doesn't get anymore optimistic than that!

I am, by all means, an optimist & I generally dislike the pessimists. If you want to tell me what you are, simply leave a message below that says whether it is half full or empty, then sign it. That way, I get to know what type of people generally are on Wikipedia.