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If you're reading this page, it's probably because I've asked you your opinion on my star location maps.

I have recently downloaded a new piece of software which can produce location maps for any star.

I have created the first one and uploaded it here: Image:Alpha Pegasi.gif and included it in the article here: Alpha Pegasi

Current star location maps include the ones shown below

My questions are:

  1. Is it useful to have location maps like these on individual star articles?
  2. Is the one I created better or worse than the current ones (examples shown below)?
  3. Are there any ways these location maps could be improved?

Many thanks for your responses! Please edit the sections below to respond and sign your name using ~~~~


Are location maps useful[edit]

Are these new maps better or worse than the current ones[edit]

How could the new maps be improved[edit]

Existing maps[edit]


These and others are shown here: commons:User:Zwergelstern/Gallery#2d-Graphics


From it:User:Alfio

Similar ones are listed here: commons:Category:Constellations_maps