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Andrew R. Crumbie is the founder and owner of the Crumbie Law Group, the largest state-certified minority owned law firm in the New England area. He attended the Massachusetts School of Law where he received the Black Judges award for academic excellence. His achievement demonstrates that he possessed the attention to detail and work ethic necessary to succeed in law school and in private practice.

A law degree is often viewed, by wider society, as a golden ticket to success, but the fact is that there are more than 200 A.B.A. certified law schools in the United States and they graduate more than 40,000 new attorneys every year. This makes the legal profession a very competitive one to break into and many people graduate with a law degree, but never find work as a lawyer.

In order to find success in such a highly competitive field, new attorneys have to be able to manage a business, innovate and create a niche for themselves in order to stand out from the rest of the crowd. Despite the competitive nature of the field, law is still a diverse profession with several different practice areas to choose from, provided you are able get your foot in the door.

Ultimately, despite the oversaturation and high cost of attending law school, the legal profession is still a highly rewarding field for those who have the necessary skills to make it work. Andrew R. Crumbie, as his success with the Crumbie Law group shows, is one such individual.