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Origin London, England
Genres Punk rock (early)
Oi (later)
Years active 1976-1979
1997 to present
Labels IRS Records, Vinyl Japan, Captain Oi, Fresh Records, Etc Records, Small Wonder Records
Website Band Website [1]
Members Noel Martin
Charlie Casey
Finn Panton

Menace are an English punk band formed in London in 1976. They are notable for being one of the immediate forerunners of the 'Oi' sound later adopted by skinhead bands.

Formation - 1970s[edit]

Menace was a ‘second wave’1 punk band from Islington, London. The band was formed in 1976 after Morgan Webster (singer) met the members of a pub rock band, Stonehenge, Steve Tannett (guitar), Charlie Casey (Bass) and Noel McDonagh (Drums: known as Noel Martin) at a punk gig at the renowned pub venue The Hope and Anchor.

Menace’s forceful, simple yet musically competent and creative music is often described as having influenced, or even been the origin of, ‘Oi’ music, a subgenre of punk music associated with the skinhead culture. Traces of Menace’s influence can be found in the music of bands such as Sham 69 and The Cockney Rejects both of which became more popular and both of which were more closely associated with the skinhead movement. The band itself did not associate itself with either the mainstream punk movement or the skinhead movements; it attracted followers from both camps. As a result is often described as a ‘cross over’ punk/skinhead band blending the more critically aware and art-inclined punks and the more visceral working class protest strands of skinhead music.

Vermillion and the Aces[edit]

The Aces[edit]

1990s reformation[edit]

In the 00's they reformed for the 2nd time with original vocalist Morgan Webster and guitarist Steve Tannett and a revolving door of drummers and bass players. They're reformation has proved very successful as they have had sell-out shows in Japan and in Europe as well as playing festivals around the world like the Rebellion Festival, Punk and Disorderly Festival, The Last Jubilee and Avenues and Alayways. They have had numerous lineup changes in the past ten years, but it seems that Tannett and Webster are the core members of the band.



Current members[edit]

Former members[edit]



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