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Andrew W Woods[edit]

Born 15 September 1969 at Mater Hospital, North Sydney, Australia to Colleen Patricia Woods (Murphy) and William Sidney Woods.

Attended St Lukes primary school, Revesby NSW (1975 - 1979).

Attended high school at De La Salle College Revesby Heights NSW (1980 - 1985).

Attended Benilde Senior College, Bankstown NSW (1986 - 1987). Completed HSC in 1987.

Enrolled in Mechanical Engineering Associate Diploma at Southern Sydney Institute of Technical and Further Education (Bankstown TAFE) in 1988. Studied part time and worked as trainee draughtsman, trainee production engineer and quality assurance technician for Betts Electric Motors at Revesby from 1988 - 1995.

Graduated with Mechanical Engineering Associate Diploma in 1992.

Concurrently studied electrical trade course from 1992 graduating in 1994.

Dismayed with Western Sydney life and the 'pervasive suburban experience of hopelessness and pull to mediocrity' embarked in November 1995 on a largely unstructured, solo, open-ended world trip through the Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand, Egypt, Israel, Palestine, Jordan, Turkey, Greece, Italy, Vatican City, France, Monaco, Spain, Portugal, Switzerland, England, Wales, Ireland, Northern Ireland, Scotland, Netherlands and Germany, returning to Australia via Thailand, Laos and Vietnam in Oct 1996.

Developed an interest in world affairs, economics, politics and history and also of the role, variety and uniting properties of popular music (especially jazz in it's many forms).

Returning home in late 1996 and re-calibrated from the self-described 'journey of enlightenment and discovery' attending university (Business, UTS) and becoming a self-employed entrepreneur had become a goal (specifically decided in Egypt, upon the Nile in a Felucca).

Remainder of 1996 and part of 1997 were spent attempting (unsuccessfully) to export powdered milk to Vietnam while aiming (unsuccessfully) to enter the Bachelor of Business Degree at the University of Technology, Sydney (UTS).

Commenced volunteer work one Sunday / month through Youth off the Streets, Marrickville with (mainly Vietnamese) volunteers from Bankstown in late 1996.

Enrolled 1997 in Open Learning distance education through Monash University and University of South Australia studying Bachelor of Business subjects (economics and accounting). Attended UTS during summer session as paid up, non-enrolled student (Accounting B).

Obtained formal entry into UTS Bachelor of Business course commencing March 1998 as full time student (exactly 10 years older than most first year students in this course). Joined the UTS music society (MUSCUTS) as piano player in the university Jazz band (under Murray Jackson). Participated in three minor performances of little note. Became paid up member of Syndey's Jazzgroove Collective in mid 1998.

Became shareholder and general manager of metal roofing business, moved to Erskineville and reverted to part time study at UTS from 1 July 1998. Managed the roofing business with very slim profits (though gaining considerable business experience) all through university until winding up on 30 June 2005.

In 1999 with Rachel Galea and Phuong (Peter) Mai raised money and sponsored a primary school in Cay Gao village, Phuc Tuy province Vietnam, under the name of Australian Vietnamese Relief Organisation (AVRO). Continued sponsorship till approximately 2010.

Embarked on comprehensive 8-week backpacking trip of the USA (via South Korea), Jan - Feb 2000. Landed in NYC, traveled overland to Boston, Washington DC, New Orleans, Las Vegas, Los Angeles and onto San Francisco and Mammoth Mountain. Caught up with friends (met on first overseas trip) in NYC, Washington and LA.

Volunteered in spectator services at the 2000 Sydney Olympic games working at the Veledrome, Centenniel Park and the main stadium at Homebush. At the time considered this to be in the top 5 things I had done.

Graduated from UTS with Bachelor of Business degree (Finance & Marketing majors) July 2002.

Immediately after graduation commenced training as mortgage broker while still managing the struggling roofing company.

Moved to 91A Renwick Street Alexandria Oct 2002. Sought book keeping work to supplement income (legal, finance, accounting business clients). Had been struggling on minimal income for several years.

Volunteered for book keeping role at the Jazzgroove Association and Jazzgroove Records in 2003. Quickly invited and accepted honorary role of Treasurer April 2003.

Moved to 807 / 58 King Street Newtown June 2004 house sharing with Craig Nisbet. Applied for and became Justice of the Peace (JP) in August 2004. Attempted and completed Sydney Marathon in 4hrs 9 mins, Sept 2004.

Moved to 711 / 58 King Street Newtown May 2005 with Craig Nisbet.

Wound up roofing business June 05 when partner quit the business (taking all the goodwill) and work directly for clients of the company with his competing roofing business. The end of a painful lesson in choosing who to do business with, the choice of industries and who to get advice from. "People (like nations) will take what they think they can get away with" (AW 2003).

Slow but steady build up of Australia Mortgage Lending business from mid 2005. Continued as Treasurer of the Jazzgroove Association Inc until 2011.