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Born St. Petersburg
Nationality Russian
Years active December 15, 2015-


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Notable contributions[edit]

  • Severomorsk: Restructuring, fixing, and adding to the article.
  • Brother (1997 film): Rewriting sections, fixing the English, and adding information.
  • Federal subjects of Russia: Going through each federal subject and standardizing all of the religion tables. What I did on each article was changing the pie charts to bar charts (bar charts are better at representing how each individual religion compares to the others in the number of followers), standardizing the colors used to represent each religion (each religion is represented by the same color on every article), and recalculating the percentages based on the source used.
  • War (2002 film): Rewrote and restructured the entire article, using information from the Russian Wikipedia. Promoted from Start-class to B-class.

Current projects[edit]

  • Viktor Tsoi: Checking grammar and accuracy, restructuring the article, and translating information from the Russian Wikipedia.